Health Education Jobs – A Great Career

If you are looking to combine your passion about helping people learn about health with a career as well as a great income, currently with a median of around $61,000 per year, then there are many fantastic options when it comes to health education jobs that you can utilize to do just that.

health education jobs

Now these jobs don’t just need to be about physical health, you can also help people when it comes to mental health, restoring people’s health, avoiding infectious diseases and much more. This fulfilling career is all about making a large impact on your community and being looked up to as a leader and someone who is changing people’s lives for the better by educating as well as encouraging people to lead a healthier life.

This education and encouragement will ultimately lead to the slowing and/or prevention of diseases, injuries; prevent premature death, as well as a higher overall sense of wellbeing. If you feel like this fits you to a tee, then read on for all the information you need on getting your career started!

There seems to being a shift in what people believe when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. People are getting sick and tired of getting no results with traditional methods like fad diets, or western medicine and other forms of “help” and are starting to seek out more alternative and preventative methods of care. Due to this reason among others, health education jobs are going through the roof and according to Bureau of Labor Statistics the jobs in the health education field is subject to “grow faster than the average for occupations”.

Work Environment of Health Education Careers

The main focus of a career in health education is to aim to both prevent disease and promote more vibrant health and vitality and is done by education through which methods are provided to promote behavior change. There are many different places that offer jobs in the health promotion and education feild, some of them include:

· Colleges & Universities

· Health Care Settings & Centers

· Organizations In The Community

· Companies

· Government Agencies

· Family Services

These jobs in the health education field settings usually offer a designated office for their employees, but being that a health educator is always involved in better the understanding of health education in the community; they are most of the time away from their office. Places that the spend a majority of their time at are; schools and seminars, speaking to individuals as well as classes/audiences, attending different as well as implementing what they have learned through these programs to the public, as well as communing with other like minded individuals and organizations in their area.

Through any one of these health education jobs, the job description can consist of some of the following aspects:

· The development of healthcare education pr0grams as well as planning different
programs that cater to different crowds of people, by finding out what their needs truly

· Writing up grants for funding for the programs you wish to develop.

· Providing resources and referrals that provide valuable information that will help
individuals on their pursuit to better wellness.

· Creating various different training methods like, visual and audio presentations and as
well as write ups. These can also include social media marketing campaigns as well as
marketing tactics like press releases. This also includes the distribution of these as well.

· Writing scholarly articles.

· Writing up and administering public service on health.

· The evaluation and diagnostic study of health education programs.

· Overall encouragement of leading a healthy lifestyle through various forms of life
changes through what one has learned in training as well as personal tips.

· Forming and maintain a positive relationship with people and organizations that are
interested in bettering he awareness of good health in the area.

· Keeping a contact list of the people and organizations that you have talked and
communed with.

Where You Can Find Jobs In Health Education

If you have already met the schooling requirements and are looking for health education jobs to start you career or continue your career, there are many great sites that are dedicated to assisting you in your pursuit to find the best health education job for you in your area. Here are a couple sites that you can use to find employment.

· – This is a very great site that allows one to search
for jobs designated by the state that they live in, as well as find out
information on the salary that others are earning for these jobs, and lastly enables one to
post their resume so which is made available to all employers looking to fill their health
education jobs.

· – This site is designed for many purposes, some of which are to; find jobs in
your area, as well as find different opportunities where you can provide your time as
community service, connect with those who share the same vision as yourself as well as
organizations or even create your own, career advice, as well as create profiles that bring
like minded people to you who want to work for or with you. It provides assistance for
those looking to get involved in many different ways and can be used as a resource for
both adding volunteer work to your resume as well as finding great health education jobs.

· – This is another excellent job resource
that is put out by the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and
Dance (AAHPERD). They provide a free sign up that allows one to use a myriad of their
services like; posting their resume, activating a job alert where when health education
jobs come up in your area, you will be notified through email as well as links to sites that
offer career advice and much more.

· – This well known site make job hunting very easy by going to their main
site clicking you “city” or “state”. Once you are on your city or states main page, you can
access different job postings which often times can include health education jobs, through
the “jobs” link which is located at the top right hand corner of Craigslist.

· – This is the main site for
The Wellness Council of America that provides a one stop shop for those looking for
health education jobs as they are affiliated with many different sites that offer
information on the jobs being provided. Some of these organizations that
they are affiliated with are; Health Promotion Career Network, American University
National Center for Health and Fitness, and many more.

Another great site provides all encompassing information about health education and health
education jobs, as well as have the goal and vision to “advance the profession “of health care
jobs is the the main site for American Association for Health Education which can be accessed

Schooling Prerequisites For Employment in Health Education

· In general, health education jobs that are entry level are attained by having a bachelor’s
degree in one of the many health education programs or also known as “wellness studies”
that are offered by colleges. But like other fields, it depends on the employer as well as
other qualifications that you may have that will make you stand out above those with
degrees. Degrees are offered from the associate’s degree level all the way up to PhD
degrees. If you are looking to attain more of a managerial or leadership type role in the
workplace, then a master’s degree is a good way to go and higher degrees help with
quicker advancement past entry level positions.

· There is also an optional certification called Certified Health Education Specialist
(CHES) that can make one look like a better hiring candidate when apply for health
education jobs. This certification can be attained by those who have either finished or a
closed to finished with their bachelors degree, and consists of the responsibility basics of
the health educator. To maintain this status, one must complete over a 5 year period, at
least 75 hours of continuing education through various accredited seminars and courses.
The CHES test is set to the standards of the National Health Commission for Health
Education Credentialing.

· Any type of volunteering work as well as paid or unpaid internships can make you look a
lot better in your application process.

Personal Qualifications Required Out Of Health Education Jobs

· Non-biased – This is an important attribute that will allow one to have great success
on the job. Being that a health educator will deal with all walks of life, one
most need to sensitive to different cultures as well as provide the willingness to teach and
educate as well as most important, “accept” anyone regardless of who they are or where
they come from.

· Creativity – There are many different jobs in the profession as well as all different ages of
people that are seeking help. Considering this, one must adapt to this fact as be able to
create different programs and cater to different crowds so that they will get your message
and accept you as an educator.

· Communication - Jobs in health educatin entail being a great communicator as well, both
written and verbally. Practice as well as public speaking classes have helped many health
educators with things like stage fright as well as better communicating their message and
not missing important points.

· Caring – This is pretty obvious but in order to have a flourishing career as a health
educator, one must legitimately care for the people they are taking an interest to as this
right here will provide the positive energy and reinforcement to ones clients that they are
there to help at all costs.

By obtaining the schooling requirements as well as honing in on the personal attributes above, you will be able to start a career working one of the many great health education jobs and make a great living doing it as well as gain the fulfillment that comes out of making a huge impact in a huge amount of lives, and feel a great sense of personal achievement.