An Indepth Overview Of The American Journal Of Health Education

October 30, 2011

American Journal Of Health Education

American Journal Of Health Education

The American Journal of Health Education is a health publication that is published 6 times per year and is sponsored by a joint sponsorship between the American Alliance for Health Physical Education, Recreation and Dance along with the American Association for Health Education. Their main purpose is to provide health educators as well as general promotor of good health with resources that will enable them to move foward with their vision of promoting optimal health methods to the public.

Priorities of The American Journal of Health Education

Ther American Journal of Health Education focuses on expanding on certain priorities that they feel will be necessary for enabling health promotion. These main priorities include:

  1. Providing ways that will enable the individual to translate as well as interaction with theory, practice as well as reseach. This includes developing the priorities of national reseach on health education and promtion.
  2. The development and promotion of resources, services and standards which have to do with education on health to professionals as well a non professionals.
  3. To provide assistance in the promtion as well as the distribution of a myriad of resources that will assist in effective education on health as well as promotion of health education.
  4. To act as a leader when it comes to the policies for promotion as well as procedures for evaluation which will equate to effective programs on health edcuation.
  5. To give technical assistance to professional along with legislative bodies when it comes to creating legislation and guidlines revolving these legislations.
  6. To assist in the communication between members in the health education profession and also including the lay public as well as organizations that are national and international. This communication involves due respect to philosiphies as well as the application of current principles and practices dealing with health education.

Other Purposes Of the American Journal Of Health Education

CHES Continuing Education

For health specialists that have the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) title, they must agree to the completion or 75 Continuing Education Credit Hours (CECH) every 5 years that they are employed in order to keep their certification, the American Journal of Health Education enables certified specialists to complete up to 60 hours per 5 years through them, in Category 1 training. This is done through the use of their self study guides that are published in all 6 yearly issues. The completion certification is given out when all 6 of these self study guides are completed with a score of 80 percent or higher.

Submissions of Manuscripts

The American Journal of Health Education allows individuals to submit research articles for publication, which are to be submitted to These reseach articles can consists of topics like; theory application, analysis of history, personal experiences in the profession as well as other areas of interest. Articles must be in the exact format below to be considered for publication in the American Journal of Health Education :

  • Title – Only a title without the authors name or any other information.
  • Abstract – 200 word abstracts that are 200 words or less and are italicized.
  • Text – A maximum of 25 pages of double spaced text, or up to 6,250 words.
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