Health And Physical Education

February 11, 2012

Health And Physical Education

Health And Physical Education

Both health and physical education go hand in hand and need to work cohesively to have any positive effect on one another. Maintaining good health by consuming good nourishing foods as well as getting the right amount of fluids, water or juices, will only make our physical education experience both more enjoyable as well as be able to accomplish more in the form of not feeling bad which is what comes with not eating right. Which it should be known that one should drink half their body weight in ounces when it comes to water, which if one drinks a soda or coffee, this doesn’t qualify as half their body weight and needs to be made up in the form of water. In the past schools took care of the physical education part as most all schools did at least couple days of PE each week, which the parents held the responsibility of providing good foods and advising kids on wise choices when it comes to what to eat both at home as well as at school. But as health and physical education classes are being pushed out of school and/or becoming optional due to budget cuts or whatever other reason, the responsibility for advising children on both leading a healthy lifestyle as well as working in some sort of physicial education is are both for parents to provide now.

Being that at a young age children are extremely moldable and if done right, a parent can teach health and physical education concepts, examples as well as methods and exercises in which a child can adapt and continue to use for the rest of their life. This ultimately will lead to a more longevity and better quality of life in the next generation as well as provide the foundation for these children to teach their kids the right health and physical education ways and so on. A few examples that parents can offer to their kids as physical education are signing them up in seasonal sports as well as doing walks or jogs with them, which the ultimate aspect that one wants to focus upon is making the activity fun as one bad experience might set the child off where they won’t want to try again. Organized sports offer young kids not only a fun time with exercise but also teambuilding skills as well as interpersonal skils that can help them immensely as an adult. As far as health examples, the best thing is moderation which can meet cutting out some of the unhealthy things that the family is eating, which a great method is to eat healthy all week then treat your self on weekends as a reward which can be looked forward to.

The other fact when it comes to those who are worried about overeating is that the simple act of chewing your food more before swallowing will actual trigger ones brain to knowing that your body has had enough nourishment a lot faster, which the food will start to digest more by keeping it in your mouth longer as thats where the digestion process starts, leaving you will a satisfied feeling that often thinks only eating more will provide. Another aspect that one can use for health and physical education is to find a muli-vitamin that can provide you with the nutrients that you are not getting in the foods that you are consuming, as the food is becoming more and more depleted on nutrients each and every year that passes. At the end of the day, it is calories in and calories out, which means that we need to be burning the amount of calories we consume in order to maintain our weight.

By utilizing these health and physical education tips above, one can really provide their children with the right habits that will make an impact both in the short term as well as long term. Also, by adapting better health and physical education regimn, one will feel and think better which will provide better success in school as well as on the job as well as bring one a much higher self-esteem, leaving them feeling good on the inside and outside. For even more information on obtaining a better understanding of ongoing health and physical education information, a great site is offered by Dr. Mercola who specializes in a broad amount of natropathic topics and can provide one with very valuable information.

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