Health Care Administration Jobs – Requirements, Jobs Description & Salary

March 30, 2012

Health Care Administration Jobs

health care administration

The first step to attaining a job in the health care administration feild is to recieve a college degree, which the minimum degree is a bachelors degree which provide one with what is needed secure entry level jobs like health information management, project consultants, project consultants and medical secretaries. Many  working professionals today have obtained a Masters Degree which a great area of study for those looking to get their Masters is Healthcare Administration which provides one with the chance to enjoy a career in jobs that include postions like consulting, executive administration, and as directors. Other degrees of study that one can opt to get a degree in, that will equate to having the credentials needed to attain health care administration jobs are; social services, gerntology, health sciences, business and public administration.

But it should be known to all of those considering a carrer in the profession that their degree needs to come from a degree program that has been accredited by the Commission on Accrediation Healthcare Management Education (CAHME). Once on attains their degree the last step to getting their first job is passing a competency exam that is state specific. Once one has gained all the credentials needed, they have variety of different options when it comes to finding work, which some of the places that offer health care administration jobs include; nursing homes, hospitals, insurance organizations, consulting firms, public health agencies, rehabilitation centers and more.

Those who experience those most success in the healthcare administration profession are those with up beat personalities as well as great interpersonal skills as they are expected to mingle and network with essentially the entire medical community as a whole. Managerial as well as leaderships skills are also great qualities to possess and will help one succeed immensely in the feild.

Job Description of Health Care Administration Jobs

Before we jump into the duties of a health care administrator, it should be known that there are various types of positions that health care administrations fill like managerial positions, CEO’s, directors, head of finance positions, policy implementation, supervisors, and more. Depending on what position one fills, the salary range can be anywhere from $45,000 a year to upwards of over $130,000 per year with great benefits. In large facilities, the health care administrator focuses highly upon covering both the daily operations and strategies, whereas in smaller facitlies health care administration jobs bring on the responsibility of assuming charge of most all daily operations but wouldn’t play a part in decisions about policies as they would leave that to the physician. Other aspects of the health care administration jobs description include:

  • Being present at certain conventions and meetings to better their knowledge of implementing their craft in their place of employment.
  • Work with staff on the development and implementation of marketing ideas and business development.
  • Employee supervision
  • Chart analysis and working hand and hand with human resources.

It should be known that there are other specialities in the health care administration jobs feild that one can become specialized in which will make them more sought out as well as provide them with a substantial pay raise. Some of these areas of specialization include; medical secretary, community relations, financial supervisor and an auditor among others.


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