Health Education – Exactly What It Is

February 26, 2012

What Health Education Is

Health Education

One might say health education is educating people on health, which it is but there so much more that encompasses health education. A simple definition of health education would be educating people to provide the pupils with a better understanding of living a healthy lifestyle, which the main goal of it is to spread the word on health education as well as ultimately have the healthier mindset be passed down to the next generations. Now when one things of health they usually think of eating right and working out which are two topics that are taught by health educators, but there are a myraid of other different topics that involve health educaiton, some of which include: HIV, healthy body image, smoking and drinking cessation, ideal body weight, diagnosis education and how conteract the effects, dealing and stopping bullying, practicing safe sex, early detection, infections and diseases, intervention, domestic violence, coping with both mental and physical problems among many others, all of which the health educator will provide resources that can help them even more than what they can teach.

The topics of health education are taught by those who have attaining a health education degree, which degrees range anywhere from a bachelors all the way up to a dotorate, which the health educator teaches their craft to individuals, communities, groups, business, schools and colleges among others, which the health educator is trainined extensively in the overall promotion of public health and health awareness that will allow them to promote their teaching to all types of people, as well as the ability to communicate effectively and get their points accross. The job description also heavily entails the encouragement of the people that the health educator is speaking to and convincing them to adapt methods and tips that are supplied.

So when it comes to health education, those who are teaching it are doing all they can to keep the general public safe on various fronts, and teach about having better or optimal health in all areas of one’s life. But the fact of the matter is, the job really depends on your career aspirations and your degree level, as bachelors and masters degrees bring about public health jobs and more so working out in the feild, whereas doctorate degrees in health education can provide one with a job that has to deal with policy creation and more administration and managerial positions.

Prerequisites For Teaching Health Education

For aspiring health educators, health education can be taught by those who have a minimum of a bachelors degree as this is the minimum prerequisite as far a degrees go for employment, which degrees can be done in community colleges, state and universities, vocational schools and more. If one wants to advance, a masters degree is highly suggested as well as attaining the certification known as the Certified Health Education Specialist, which is offered to those who pass a test that is administered by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc. When it comes to attaining an entry level health education position one can offer their services to a non-profit organization which will give one hands on training that employers like and prefer over someone who has no official training.






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