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Health and Wellness Jobs – Different Careers, Salary & Requirements

March 23, 2012

Health and Wellness Jobs

Health and Wellness Jobs

Filling a position in one of the many health and wellness jobs can really offer one a chance to help countless lives for the better, in a time where teaching health and wellness tips and theories are needed more than ever, as our world is spirolling down hill due the the lack of health knowledge as well as the every growing number of fast food chains at the publics avail. Just one example of this is that America alone spends 147 billion dollars a year towards things that are contributing to their obesity. Not only is it a health and wellness educator jobs to conteract these bad habits that society develops, the world really needs to work as a whole to do so, but getting a job in the health and wellness feild can really allow one to offer a lending hand in steering many people the right way, as well as the chance of the trickle effect presents itself as well as people will tell their friends and family abouts these good habits they have learned as soon as they experience breakthroughs.

The Different Health And Wellness Jobs

When it comes to careers in the health and wellness feild, there are multiple routes one can take to starting their career, some of which include:

Personal Trainer

This avenue is one of the most direct routes to getting a health and wellness job. One has a chance to educate their clients on two different aspects of health, those being both how to work out and build cardiovasular strength as well as diet issues, which one has a chance to cater a regimen for both of these aspects so the client can intergrate it into their life and make very big changes. It takes anywhere from 4 to 8 months to start a career as a personal trainer, which there are various different providers of personal training programs, which you can do self study for preperation for the main exam, some of the most popular include; National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as well as American Council of Exercise (ACE). By working one of the health and wellness jobs as a personal trainer, one can expect to earn anywhere from $30,000 to over $100,000 a year as what dictates the salary is the personal trainer as they choose how big they want to grow their clientele, which their hourly rate only goes up as one gains experience.

Health Educator

Becoming a health educator can be done by attaining a bachelors degree, which most all working health education specialists have gotten their Masters Degree to provide one with better chances in attaining health and wellness jobs as well as a much better salary. One can also choose to become a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) which is optimal but can provide one with the opprtunity to distinguish themselves from other applicants with this extra credential, which is simply done by taking and passing a test related to the health and wellness feild. The job description of health and wellness jobs consists of offering education on leading a healthier lifestyle on various fronts, some of which include; domestic violence, drinking and smoking cessation, practicing safe sex, STD’s, working out, eating right, health body image and more. Where one works will also dictate a big portion of their job description as a health educator works in various different places, some of which include; schools and colleges, businesses, healthcare setttings, supervisors, community health jobs as well as some are self employed. One can even choose to attain a degree as high as a Doctorate in Public Health where one can expect to earn a much higher salary, ranging anywhere from $80,000 to well over $100,000 a year, whereas the regular median salary for generic health educator is around $60,000 a year, where the job description would shift to things like policy creation and enforcement.


Even though this often works hands in hand with being a personal trainer, one can choose to become specialized as a nutritionist and dedicate their health and wellness career to creating diet plans for their clients and edcuating them on making the right decisions when it comes to what is in their pantry. Health and wellness jobs as a nutritionist also make huge impacts on bettering the knowledge of good heatlth and wellness and work in places like; hospitals, schools, diabetic clinics, community programs, health departments and more. To start a health and wellness job a a nutrtionist, one can attain a degree which can range anywhere from a associates to as high as a PHD, where regular nutritionists can expect to earn around $50,000 to $60,000 a year, where higher degrees can attain much higher.

Career Outlook of Health and Wellness Jobs

Just like any other career, one needs to have a strong patient to help people feel better both on the outside as well as about themselves through through them adapting a better mindset about what health and wellness is and how to experience optimal results in both areas. These health and wellness jobs can bring one a gratifying career, as well as inspire hope in many when all hope may be lost, inspriring one that it is never to late to take control of their health. Health and wellness jobs also provide one with excellent job security as according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, during the next decade the profession is expected to grow in the need for new employees at a percentage that is higher than the average of all other careers.

Health And Physical Education

February 11, 2012

Health And Physical Education

Health And Physical Education

Both health and physical education go hand in hand and need to work cohesively to have any positive effect on one another. Maintaining good health by consuming good nourishing foods as well as getting the right amount of fluids, water or juices, will only make our physical education experience both more enjoyable as well as be able to accomplish more in the form of not feeling bad which is what comes with not eating right. Which it should be known that one should drink half their body weight in ounces when it comes to water, which if one drinks a soda or coffee, this doesn’t qualify as half their body weight and needs to be made up in the form of water. In the past schools took care of the physical education part as most all schools did at least couple days of PE each week, which the parents held the responsibility of providing good foods and advising kids on wise choices when it comes to what to eat both at home as well as at school. But as health and physical education classes are being pushed out of school and/or becoming optional due to budget cuts or whatever other reason, the responsibility for advising children on both leading a healthy lifestyle as well as working in some sort of physicial education is are both for parents to provide now.

Being that at a young age children are extremely moldable and if done right, a parent can teach health and physical education concepts, examples as well as methods and exercises in which a child can adapt and continue to use for the rest of their life. This ultimately will lead to a more longevity and better quality of life in the next generation as well as provide the foundation for these children to teach their kids the right health and physical education ways and so on. A few examples that parents can offer to their kids as physical education are signing them up in seasonal sports as well as doing walks or jogs with them, which the ultimate aspect that one wants to focus upon is making the activity fun as one bad experience might set the child off where they won’t want to try again. Organized sports offer young kids not only a fun time with exercise but also teambuilding skills as well as interpersonal skils that can help them immensely as an adult. As far as health examples, the best thing is moderation which can meet cutting out some of the unhealthy things that the family is eating, which a great method is to eat healthy all week then treat your self on weekends as a reward which can be looked forward to.

The other fact when it comes to those who are worried about overeating is that the simple act of chewing your food more before swallowing will actual trigger ones brain to knowing that your body has had enough nourishment a lot faster, which the food will start to digest more by keeping it in your mouth longer as thats where the digestion process starts, leaving you will a satisfied feeling that often thinks only eating more will provide. Another aspect that one can use for health and physical education is to find a muli-vitamin that can provide you with the nutrients that you are not getting in the foods that you are consuming, as the food is becoming more and more depleted on nutrients each and every year that passes. At the end of the day, it is calories in and calories out, which means that we need to be burning the amount of calories we consume in order to maintain our weight.

By utilizing these health and physical education tips above, one can really provide their children with the right habits that will make an impact both in the short term as well as long term. Also, by adapting better health and physical education regimn, one will feel and think better which will provide better success in school as well as on the job as well as bring one a much higher self-esteem, leaving them feeling good on the inside and outside. For even more information on obtaining a better understanding of ongoing health and physical education information, a great site is offered by Dr. Mercola who specializes in a broad amount of natropathic topics and can provide one with very valuable information.

Health Behavior and Health Education

December 31, 2011

Health Behavior and Health Education

Health Behavior and Health Education

Health Behavior and Health Education is a hardcover research, practice as well as thery book which has the goal of providing clarity to its readers when it comes to subjects like the promotion of health and administering education on health related topics, which will enable the readers to practice what they have learned. The Health Behavior and Health Education book is currently in its 4th edition that was published in 2008, and consists of 592 pages in all, and bases its theories both of behavioral as well as psychosocial theory along with a series of educating bibliographies/case studies.

Some of the major contents of the book include:

  • Fitting Theories Into Ones Practice
  • Measurement and Application of Health Belief Models (HBM).
  • Research & Theory Pardigms in the Promtion of Health.
  • Marco Level Theories.
  • Reasoned Action Theory.
  • Social Marketing Definition and Role It Plays. (One of the most important factors of health behavior and health education as the role of the media is a huge factor in influencing behaviors and choices people make regarding their health and lifestyle.)
  • Diverse Communities.
  • The Toll That Stress Takes.
  • Networking Importance.
  • Individual and Commuinty Health Behavior and Health Education.
  • Using Theory In Ones Practice as well as Research.
  • Methods of Evaluation.
  • Future Challenges.
  • Health Behavior Innovation Diffusion.
  • Perspective on Health Education History.
  • Patient Communication.
  • Community Interventions.
  • Current Health Education Promtion Limitations.

UNC Health Behavior and Health Education

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill established its own Health Behavior and Health Education Department which it was founded back in the 1940′s, which their main goal is to understand what determines behavioral and social health problems. They attempt to understand these aspects through various methods of introspection which include; engagement in the community all around the world, social along with interpersonal processes and the overall comunication of health. Through their efforts they hope to provide value on multiple fronts which include promoting good health which can lead to chronic illness prevention as well as the management of chronic illness. Both the researchers as well as the faculty have been recognized nationally as well as internationally and have a core group who have attained high levels of education studying a myriad of subjects on health education and behavior along with prevention. The mission of the Health Behavior and Health Education Department is to training individuals through administration of mutlipe different learning methods which they will altimately be able to carry on their vision of assisting people all over the globe with the prevention and managment of diseases.

SciMetrika Health Behaior and Health Education

SciMetricka is another force in providing expertise on the subject as they have a Health Behavior and Health Education team, who dedicate themselves to the continual research of a host of factors all of which help them document how in fact certain behavior in humans influences the status of health in individuals. The team at SciMetrika consist of both health educators along with behavioral scientists who create health education materials geared towards the advancement of health in humans.


Health Education and Behavior

November 1, 2011

Health Education and Behavior

Health Education and Behavior

Health Education and Behavior is a peer reviewed journal, offered online as well as in hard copy form, that is published two times per month and expands on topics through the likes of; case studies, reviews on literature, health status and behavior theories as well as tactics which will improve both the health status and health behavior. Examination by the publication is also done, looking into the behavioral and social changes and exactly how the take part in the process of leading a healthy lifestyle, or lack there of. The Health Education and Behavior has one other main goal as well which is the examination of behavioral and social interventions through the acts of; managing, planning, assessment as well as implementation, which will produce specific strategies, activities as well as behavior changes that bring about a healthy lifestyle.

Health Education and Behavior Subcategories

Now that you know the main focus of the purpose of the Health Education and Behavior publication, there are also various other topics that they touch upon to provide knowledge to their readers on a myriad of different categories that involve maintaining good health. Some of these subcategories, all of which are taught through the likes of editorials, special pieces as well as articles, which include:

  • Overall international health.
  • The management of chronic disease.
  • Environmental health.
  • Implementing positive change in behavior and health individuals and groups.
  • Abuse of drugs and alcohol.
  • Stress and Violence.
  • Health education empowerment.
  • HIV and STD’s.
  • Cultural factors and diverse populations.
  • Certain cardiovascular risks along with ways to avoid them.

Others Aspects of the Health Education and Behavior Journal

The Health Education and Behavior journal also allows individuals to submit manuscripts if they wish for their work to get published. Their main audience when it comes to published manuscripts are practitioners that specialize in health education and behavior as well as a broad range of researchers. If one is interested in writing for them, they ask the the manuscript submission is written in one of 4 different writing methods, which must touch upon policy, theory and practice implications:

  • Orignal Full Length Articles – Articles up to 3,500 words with knowledge taken from empirical research as well as other studies, which includes figures and tables along with references, with a 250 word abstract.
  • Brief Reports – Reports that involve empirical research along with other studies, up to 2,500 words as well as an abstract with a maximum of 150 words, 15 or less references and a maximum of two figures or tables.
  • Commentaries and Editorials – Solicited as well as unsolicited editorials up to 1200 words, and commentaries of no more than 2,500 words with a abstract of 250 words or less as well as references. Commentaries should include information on controversial topic perspectives, theory as well as methodological issues.
  • Review Articles – Written off of “state of the science literature”, a maximum of 4,500 words with maximum 250 word abstract, which includes figures, references and tables


If you happen to be interested in learning more about what is taught as well as attaining knowledge that is provide through the Health Education and Behavior publications, you can become a subscriber at: Health Education and Behavior Subscription



Health And Education Services – A Detailed Overview

October 25, 2011

Health And Education Services

Health And Education Services

The Health and Education Services (HEM) is a non profit and private “behavioral health network” that currently serves communities in Massachusetts like the Merrimack Valley, North Shore as well as Lowell, which the number of communities they serve is currently over 40. They have come very far from their humble beginnings when they were established out of Salem in 1971 where they just had a lone counseling center, to now providing help to over 25,000 individuals of all ages. They offer a broad list of different services, all geared towards the betterment of the lives in their community, services that include; substance abuse, outpatient treatment, residential care, primary prevention and emergency services. By providing these services, they are able to attain their mission which is to build health people as well as families along with great health through integration that includes; human services and education programs, behavioral health along with better quality of health.

Services Offered By The HES


Out of all the community based behavior health services offered for children, the Health and Education Services is one of the largest. They are contracted with over 25 different school systems who offer counseling, consultation, training and testing as well as they provide over fifty thousand out patient visits.Under the Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative, they provide in house therapists as well as therapeutic mentors. If you are interested in learning about all the programs that are offered specifically for youth ages, you can visit this link: Health And Education Services List Of Youth Programs 


Their adult programs are all geared towards providing care for people who have not had their personal cares met. There programs include treatment and intervention as well as preventions, all set up to attain their mission of promoting  well being that enables people to live a healthy life. If you are interested in learning more, you can visit the following link: HES Services For Adults


The Health and Education Services strongly believes that many students have a tough time in public schools due to the fact of multiple factors like distraction, bullying, isolation and being made fun of, as well as other emotional and behavioral needs, which ultimately leads to being overwhelmed by the demands forced on them by public schools, which in turn leads to kids doing bad in school. Due to these facts, they have set out to remedy this, as they currently operate 3 private schools, two of them for ages 6 – 14 and one for ages 13 – 21, which are students who have behavioral and emotional troubles. For more information on all they have to offer as far as educatioinal programs go, you can visist: Health And Education Services Educational Services

HES Donation & Employment

Being that the support of the community through financial means is the main aspect that is keeping them afloat, they accept donations which can be given online through their main website or through mail at:

Northeast Health Foundation
55 Tozer Road
Beverly, MA 01915

As far as employment goes for the Health And Education Services if one is intrested in working for them, the best thing to do would be to visit their “employment” section located on their main site, which will allow you to submit your resume.