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Council On Education For Public Health – How They Can Help You

October 24, 2011

Council On Education For Public Health

Council On Education For Public Health

The Council on Education For Public Health is a private and non-profit as well as independent agency that focuses on accredited schools that teach health education, and is actually recognized by the US Department of Education to do so. Being that they are non-profit, they stay afloat through the donations from the academic community as well as the profession itself. They focus on accredited schools that are out of the norm from traditional public health schools, schools which focus on teach public health but are not within a school system. The The Council For Public Health has three objectives, those that shape the whole form of their operation, in which the aim to “enhance health in human populations through organized community effort. These three objectives include:

  1. Promotion of quality in the education of public health for the schools and programs that come to them for accreditation status through the process of continual self-evaluation.
  2. To offer public assurance that the programs that are saying that they offer graduate public health education, actually meet the standards of accreditation that are based off their evaluation.
  3. Encouragement through aspects like; consulting, publications, research and reviewing programs periodically which are all intended to better the quality of public health education.
These standards are all administered a member board that consists of 1o members that all are focused on adopting certain criteria that determine how health edcucation programs and schools are evaluated, making decisions related to accreditation, policy and procedures establishment as well as managing the business. These councilors are all certified by one or more of the following organizations; The American Health Organization and The Association of Schools of Public Health.

Other Services Offered By The CEPH

For those looking to attain a degree in public health, they have their section called:
  • “search for a degree program” that is located under the “Accredited Schools and Programs” drop down menu, on their main page, which allows you to enter the university you want to go to, the degree you are looking to get, as well as the concentration you intend to study on.
  • Under this same menu, you can find a link that says “Complete List” which takes you to a list of every accredited health education school in the entire USA.
  • If you are a health education program looking to become accredited by the Council On Education For Public Health, you can visit their accreditation page for more information at: Council On Education For Public Health Accreditation Requirements. This section will provide information on the criteria you must fulfill and is broken down into two sections which are “Schools of Public Health Accreditation Criteria” as well as “Public Health Programs Criteria” offering specific requirements for each.
  • If you are looking to learn more about their accreditation procedures, you can learn about them by clicking the “about” section on their main page and click “accreditation procedures” where you will be taken to a page dedicated to information on procedures that were amended in 2010.