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Home Health Aide Jobs – Benefits & Credentials Needed

April 13, 2012

Home Health Aide Jobs

Home Health Aide Jobs

There are so many benefits to holding a job as a home health aide, some of which include:

  1. The massive job growth due to aging baby boomers offering a very secure career to those who hold the home health aide jobs credentials, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics named it the second fastest growing occupation in the US.
  2. Flexibility in the hours that you are able to work as HHA jobs, as you can work anything from traditional 9 to 5 shifts to more obscure options like late nights or early mornings and weekends, leaving you with the ability to cater your work schedule around other aspects of your career, around things like your schooling, children, friends and more.
  3. Job benefits are another incredible positive aspect of having a home health aide job, which benefits can vary depending on your employer but can consist of things like; paid time off, medical and disability insurance, retirements, 401k and more.

This is just 3 of some of the many benefits that home with home health aide jobs employment, which the list goes on and on from holding a gratifying career, being able to usually work close to home and from the amount of different types of employers that hire to being able to be self employed and be able to grow your practice as big as you can. You can also gain experience needed to advance to the next level or your home health jobs career as well as get a feel for if you really want to be in the health care profession, without having to attain a degree just to do so.

Credentials Needed For Home Health Aide Jobs

The last benefit worth talking about is the fact that you can fill one of the home health aide jobs positions in as little as a few weeks as you can get your HHA certification in as 75 hours where you will learn a total of 17 different types of skills during your certification training. Your training will include both in class preperation as well as training at a clinical facility, which the training ill prepare your to execute the six Activities of Daily Living (ADL) which is what encompasses your daily job description. You can attain this certification by going through a training course that has been certified by the likes of the National Association for Home Care and Hopsice (NAHCH) or the National Association for Home Care (NAHC). Taking this test will allow you to obtain the minimum requirements for home health aide employment as well as gives you authority in the job market. The certification test itself will consist of both a written portion as well as a practical portion where you will need to demonstrate

You can also get your certification training for free as well all while setting yourself up for home health aide jobs employment by checking with various agencies, as many HHA job agencies will actually pay for your training in the event that you come and work for them after your training has concluded for a certain amount of time, many of these agencies will then locate a job for you, taking out all the busy work and leaving you with having to only worry about acing your certifcation test.

It should be know that one can also choose to attain their CNA certification which will allow them to fill CNA positions if they cannot find home health aide jobs or are looking to explore different avenues in the health care feild.


Masters Degree In Public Health – Salary, Prerequisites & Curriculum

April 6, 2012

Masters Degree In Public Health

Masters Degree In Public Health

A masters in public health (MPH) is a degree that has the purpose of teaching the students the main core ares of the subject of public health with the goal of providing them with the knolwedge necessary to aid in addressing as well as the prevention of problems and health concerns that are faced at both the micro and marco level. Having a masters degree will set you apart from applicants who only have their bachelors degree in public health, allowing you to be viewed as a more valuable resource on the job as well as provide you with a better salary. The style of teaching is administered in a interdisciplinary style where major sujects touched upon consist of:

  1. Evaluating Health Care Programs
  2. Nutrition
  3. Research Techniques
  4. Sociology
  5. Youth and Adult Health
  6. Healthcare Management
  7. Prevention of Diseases
  8. Emergency Medical Services
  9. Environmental Health & General Issues
  10. World Health

This is a general overlook of the curriculum taught in a public health masters degree program, which degree programs are actually broken into two different parts those being general study as well as the second portion where students get the freedom to choose a public health specialization that they are most interested in and learn about it.

Job Opportunities With A Masters Degree In Public Health

As far as the career opportunity that a public health masters degree can bring to it’s recipient, generally the degree will one to enjoy jobs that conist of:

  • Health Policy Creation
  • Healthcare Management
  • Resarch Consultant
  • Health Program Evaluation
  • Policy Analyzation
  • Health Education & Promotion
  • Community Health Advocation
  • Program Directors

Masters Degree In Public Health Prerequisites

In order to become admitted into a program offering a masters in public health, you must fulfill certain admission requirements, those of which can consist of the following:

  • Certain Graduation Record Exam (GRE) scores.
  • A bachelors degree from an accredited school.
  • Letters of recommendation which are preferred to be from various professional sources.
  • An essay stating why you want to complete your degree in public health and what you intend on doing with it.
  • Volunteer work is not usually required, but can look very good on an application.

Masters Degree In Public Health Salary

Getting your masters will allow you to enjoy working a job that allows you to express your passion daily as well as make a huge impact in the lives of many people, bettering the knowledge of health and wellness and helping them adopt a better mindset that will allow them to make positive long term changes. As far as how much you can earn, well the average salary for someone who has their massters degree in public health is around $60,000 to $80,000 a year with the possibility of an increase in income over the next decade as the demand for the profession expected to grow signficantly, opening up the opportunity to negotiate a better salary, as well as the fact that 10 of of 20 of the fastest growing professions are in the healthcare feild according to the Bureau of Labor Statistic. After attaining a masters degree in public health, many individuals go on to attain their doctorate in public health which brings about higher positions as well as a significant increase in ones salary.





Health Care Administration Jobs – Requirements, Jobs Description & Salary

March 30, 2012

Health Care Administration Jobs

health care administration

The first step to attaining a job in the health care administration feild is to recieve a college degree, which the minimum degree is a bachelors degree which provide one with what is needed secure entry level jobs like health information management, project consultants, project consultants and medical secretaries. Many  working professionals today have obtained a Masters Degree which a great area of study for those looking to get their Masters is Healthcare Administration which provides one with the chance to enjoy a career in jobs that include postions like consulting, executive administration, and as directors. Other degrees of study that one can opt to get a degree in, that will equate to having the credentials needed to attain health care administration jobs are; social services, gerntology, health sciences, business and public administration.

But it should be known to all of those considering a carrer in the profession that their degree needs to come from a degree program that has been accredited by the Commission on Accrediation Healthcare Management Education (CAHME). Once on attains their degree the last step to getting their first job is passing a competency exam that is state specific. Once one has gained all the credentials needed, they have variety of different options when it comes to finding work, which some of the places that offer health care administration jobs include; nursing homes, hospitals, insurance organizations, consulting firms, public health agencies, rehabilitation centers and more.

Those who experience those most success in the healthcare administration profession are those with up beat personalities as well as great interpersonal skills as they are expected to mingle and network with essentially the entire medical community as a whole. Managerial as well as leaderships skills are also great qualities to possess and will help one succeed immensely in the feild.

Job Description of Health Care Administration Jobs

Before we jump into the duties of a health care administrator, it should be known that there are various types of positions that health care administrations fill like managerial positions, CEO’s, directors, head of finance positions, policy implementation, supervisors, and more. Depending on what position one fills, the salary range can be anywhere from $45,000 a year to upwards of over $130,000 per year with great benefits. In large facilities, the health care administrator focuses highly upon covering both the daily operations and strategies, whereas in smaller facitlies health care administration jobs bring on the responsibility of assuming charge of most all daily operations but wouldn’t play a part in decisions about policies as they would leave that to the physician. Other aspects of the health care administration jobs description include:

  • Being present at certain conventions and meetings to better their knowledge of implementing their craft in their place of employment.
  • Work with staff on the development and implementation of marketing ideas and business development.
  • Employee supervision
  • Chart analysis and working hand and hand with human resources.

It should be known that there are other specialities in the health care administration jobs feild that one can become specialized in which will make them more sought out as well as provide them with a substantial pay raise. Some of these areas of specialization include; medical secretary, community relations, financial supervisor and an auditor among others.


Health and Wellness Jobs – Different Careers, Salary & Requirements

March 23, 2012

Health and Wellness Jobs

Health and Wellness Jobs

Filling a position in one of the many health and wellness jobs can really offer one a chance to help countless lives for the better, in a time where teaching health and wellness tips and theories are needed more than ever, as our world is spirolling down hill due the the lack of health knowledge as well as the every growing number of fast food chains at the publics avail. Just one example of this is that America alone spends 147 billion dollars a year towards things that are contributing to their obesity. Not only is it a health and wellness educator jobs to conteract these bad habits that society develops, the world really needs to work as a whole to do so, but getting a job in the health and wellness feild can really allow one to offer a lending hand in steering many people the right way, as well as the chance of the trickle effect presents itself as well as people will tell their friends and family abouts these good habits they have learned as soon as they experience breakthroughs.

The Different Health And Wellness Jobs

When it comes to careers in the health and wellness feild, there are multiple routes one can take to starting their career, some of which include:

Personal Trainer

This avenue is one of the most direct routes to getting a health and wellness job. One has a chance to educate their clients on two different aspects of health, those being both how to work out and build cardiovasular strength as well as diet issues, which one has a chance to cater a regimen for both of these aspects so the client can intergrate it into their life and make very big changes. It takes anywhere from 4 to 8 months to start a career as a personal trainer, which there are various different providers of personal training programs, which you can do self study for preperation for the main exam, some of the most popular include; National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as well as American Council of Exercise (ACE). By working one of the health and wellness jobs as a personal trainer, one can expect to earn anywhere from $30,000 to over $100,000 a year as what dictates the salary is the personal trainer as they choose how big they want to grow their clientele, which their hourly rate only goes up as one gains experience.

Health Educator

Becoming a health educator can be done by attaining a bachelors degree, which most all working health education specialists have gotten their Masters Degree to provide one with better chances in attaining health and wellness jobs as well as a much better salary. One can also choose to become a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) which is optimal but can provide one with the opprtunity to distinguish themselves from other applicants with this extra credential, which is simply done by taking and passing a test related to the health and wellness feild. The job description of health and wellness jobs consists of offering education on leading a healthier lifestyle on various fronts, some of which include; domestic violence, drinking and smoking cessation, practicing safe sex, STD’s, working out, eating right, health body image and more. Where one works will also dictate a big portion of their job description as a health educator works in various different places, some of which include; schools and colleges, businesses, healthcare setttings, supervisors, community health jobs as well as some are self employed. One can even choose to attain a degree as high as a Doctorate in Public Health where one can expect to earn a much higher salary, ranging anywhere from $80,000 to well over $100,000 a year, whereas the regular median salary for generic health educator is around $60,000 a year, where the job description would shift to things like policy creation and enforcement.


Even though this often works hands in hand with being a personal trainer, one can choose to become specialized as a nutritionist and dedicate their health and wellness career to creating diet plans for their clients and edcuating them on making the right decisions when it comes to what is in their pantry. Health and wellness jobs as a nutritionist also make huge impacts on bettering the knowledge of good heatlth and wellness and work in places like; hospitals, schools, diabetic clinics, community programs, health departments and more. To start a health and wellness job a a nutrtionist, one can attain a degree which can range anywhere from a associates to as high as a PHD, where regular nutritionists can expect to earn around $50,000 to $60,000 a year, where higher degrees can attain much higher.

Career Outlook of Health and Wellness Jobs

Just like any other career, one needs to have a strong patient to help people feel better both on the outside as well as about themselves through through them adapting a better mindset about what health and wellness is and how to experience optimal results in both areas. These health and wellness jobs can bring one a gratifying career, as well as inspire hope in many when all hope may be lost, inspriring one that it is never to late to take control of their health. Health and wellness jobs also provide one with excellent job security as according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, during the next decade the profession is expected to grow in the need for new employees at a percentage that is higher than the average of all other careers.

Home Health Jobs – Different Jobs, Credentials Needed & Salary

March 17, 2012

Home Health Jobs

Home Health Jobs

Home health jobs enable employees to focus upon providing their care to a single patient, unlike in a traditinal healthcare setting where one provides assistantance to anywhere from 5 to 15 patients or more. There are a variety of positions that one can fill when looking to gain employment in the home healthcare jobs feild, which below are the main career paths that one can take the credentials needed to create a career.

The Major Home Health Jobs

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)

Home health jobs as a CNA are referred to as a hospice certified nurse assistant as well as a host of other names like personal assistant, nurse aide, home care aide and more,which it is the most simple path and will provide you with an entry level job. These jobs are attained through going through a hospice agency, which one can become a client of when they have the correct credentials. The main credential that one needs isL

  • Passing the CNA competency evaluation which consists of both written and clinical portions, which the written needs to be passed first before they go onto the clinical portion. One can either choose to challenge the test without doing their training through an accredited course if their state allows them, or take and complete an accredited CNA training class, which one can find accredited training courses in their area by contacting their states nurse aide registry.

CNA training classes take anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks to complete, and consist of both classroom learning as well as clinical training. Becoming a CNA can also provide one with a feel for how the healthcare industry works and if they want to further their credentials in the feild and become an LPN or RN, providing the first stepping stone. By gaining a CNA certification, one can expect to earn anywhere from $24,000 to $30,000 or more. Attaining a CNA certification will also provide one with the ability to work in a myraid of different places other than just in peoples homes, like; nursing homes, long term care facilities, hospitals, assisted living facilities, doctors offices and more.

The other resource one can use to break into the home healthcare industry as a health aide which is a more direct route to spefically getting home health jobs is doing a certification course offered by the National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC) which one takes an accredited course then must pass a written test to become certified.

Registered Nurse (RN)

One can also become an RN which there are many home health jobs available to those looking to work as a hospice CNA. The major requirement that is vital to attaining employment in a home healthcare job is

  • Passing the National Council Licensure EXam (NCLEX) which is a test provided to those who have completed a nursing program. When one is looking for a school to do their training through, they want to make sure that the nursing program is accredited for the sake of not only attaining the best nursing education but the fact that many states require that you do your training through an accredited program in order to be able to take the NCLEX. One can find an accredited school by either contacting their states board of nursing and/or looking for schools that are accredited by regional accrediting agencies as well as national accrediting agencies like the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) or the National League of Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC).

The minimum requirement for home health care jobs as a registered nurse is one attaining a minimum of an Associates of Science in Nursing (ASN) which will provide one with the credentials needed to take the NCLEX, where one can expect to earn anywhere drom $40,000 to $80,000 a year.