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What Is A Health Educator? Major Summary & Job Description

December 5, 2011

What is a Health Educator

What is a Health Educator

The generic anwer to the question of what is a health educator is someone who educates the general public on how to lead a healthy lifesytle. This teaching consists of teaching people about living healthy lives in many different areas which the main categories can include physicial, mental, emotional among others, with subcategories that conist of; healthy body image, avoiding STD’s, smoking and drinking cessation, early detection of diseases, eating right, working out and how to do so safely, eating disorders and much more and can be taught in the form of lectures, video format, in classrooms, one on one as well as to groups of people in the community which teachers that do this are often referred to as a “community health educator”.

A health educator generally must attain a bachelors degree to enjoy an entry level position, and can choose to acheive degrees as high as PHD’s and can earn anywhere from the lowest percentile which is around $40,000 a year to over $150,000 depending on which specialty one works in.  A health educator can also choose to get a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) certification through the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC) which can give one seniority over other applicants as the NCHEC is a maing force in the Health Education feild.

To follow up the question of what a health educator is, they are also people that enjoy working with people aside from teaching them the methods to acheive better and/or optimal health. Health educators tend to possess attributes such as:

  • Great communicators.
  • Comfortable when speaking to both individuals as well as adults.
  • Have a sensitivity to different cultures and acceptance for all types of people as a health educator will be administering their knowledge to all races.
  • Posess creativity that is vital for one to have when it comes to creating health education programs which need to cater to the audience that is going to be spoken to.
  • One must also live a healthy lifestyle.

What is a Health Eductor - Job Desciption

As far as what a health educator does, below is a list of what health educators do on the job.

  • Assessing one and getting familiar with their condition which then they can offer alternatives therapies to help them cope as well as recover.
  • Marketing their health education program through different methods of advertisement which can include; news paper ads, social meida campaigns, word or mouth, flyers, radio advertising and more.
  • Applying for government and private grants that will allow them to fund their health education programs.
  • Writing articles on health education for the purpose of publishing.
  • Networking with other people and organizations who are interested in health education as well to both collaborate as well as inform them with information. This also includes maintaining a database of the contacts that one makes.
  • Most important of all, convincing and empowering people to lead a healthy lifestyle through the education you are teaching.


If after you read this information of what a health eductor is, and want to learn about schools in which you can attain a degree through, visit the following link which will take you to all the information you need to know about health education schools as well as what is taught and more: What Is A Health Educator.

What Is Health Education? – All the Details of Health Education

October 28, 2011

What is Health Education

What is Health Education

A simple answer the to the question what is health education can be equated to the promotion of health, through learning experiences and activities, which will enable the prevention of diseases as well as disabilities along with early deaths through activities that are driven from education that teaches people how to change their habits. The health education that specialist teach is considered a social science that utilizes different categories of science that include; environmental and biological, mental, psychological and mental, all of which are to be combined into education that will enable one to make the right choices which will lead to better or optimal health.

What Is Health Education – Job Duties

The above was a generic overview when it comes to what health education is, below is a detailed list of exactly what teachers teach to their students. This job description list will detail various different duties, all of which are taught in different workplaces as a health specialist will work in places like; organizations in the community, health care organizations, company employment, schools and universities.

  • Designing and evaluating as well as the development of different programs that educate on anything from; weight loss, correct eating habits, disease prevention and early detection, managing different types of stress as well as depression, building and maintaining health relationships, quitting or limiting smoking habits, working out, abuse of drugs, the prevention of physical assault, sexual education and avoiding sexually transmitted diseases, managing time in the day, medical operations and procedures.
  • Writing up grants as well as funding proposals that will enable one to be able to fund the education program.
  • Provide people with referrals to other health education resources.
  • Gather information on exactly what the needs are of individuals as well as the community.
  • Creating campaigns that will market the education program which can include flyers, social media campaigns, radio announcements, and word of mouth.
  • Write different articles explaining how to lead a healthier life.
  • Networking with other programs that also have the same vision of educating people on becoming healthier.
  • Working with companies to assist them in meeting regulations related to health and safety.
  • Empowering individuals, groups and communities to take the knowledge and make the best use of it, and to keep at it.
This is the major duties what it comes to what is health education, which teaching is taught to individuals as well as small and large crowds and can be done through seminars, audio training and write ups.

How to Become A Health Specialist

In order to start working as a health education specialists, one must fulfill the following requirements:

  • At least a bachelors degree in wellness studies or similar, although it is advised for those who are looking to advance, to have a masters degree.
  • Optional, but another credential that is looked upon highly is passing the Certified Health Education Specialist examination which consists of 165 multiple choice questions which all touch upon the Seven Areas of Responsibility for Health Education Specialists. This certification status also requires commitment to 75 hours of what is called “Continuing Education Contact Hours (CECH) every 5 years.

This is the main overview of what health education consists of, hopefully it provided the answer you were looking for out of your what is health education