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Early Childhood Development Jobs – Jobs Details & Degrees Information

March 10, 2012

Early Childhood Development Jobs

Early Childhood Development Jobs

Early child development jobs allow one to enjoy a career that allows them to help mold young kids, at an age where the right developmental teaching can provide an excellent foundation for the rest of their life. These early childhood development jobs are great for those who love kids and have a welcoming energy where young children feel that they can confide in them.

The profession can bring about a salary of anywhere from $30,00o to $60,000 a year or more, which to enter into the profession, there are various degree levels that one can attain that will allow them to enjoy a job in the early childhood development feild. It should be known that this salary range isn’t limited to exactly this as one can also opt to take on other jobs during summer breaks if one teaches, offering them more pay through something like tutoring. Before we get into the information about degrees, it should be known that you need to have a high school diploma. When it comes to degrees and certifications that lead one to being able to aply for early childhood development jobs, below are the various paths.

Early Childhood Development Degrees

  1. An Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education or a Certification in Early Childhood Education can bring about entry level positions and is the really the minimum requirement for early childhood development jobs.
  2. A Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education can bring about teaching positions in public schools, where you can not only enjoy teaching a subject to your students, but can opt to become a coach and teach a sport which will increase your salary.
  3. A Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education brings a whole new career outlook as early childhood education jobs for those with Masters Degrees tend to relate to curriculum development and other specialized issues.
  4. The last path that one can take to getting early childhood dvelopment employment is getting their PhD in Early Childhood Education which jobs with this type of degree bring about work in colleges and universities.

When looking for school to do your training through, the best thing to remember is to look for accredited schools, whether they be online or an actual campus. The best schools are accredited either by your state and/or the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Other important aspects that you can consider when looking for a school are:

  • What kind of hands on training do they provide.
  • What are the methodologies and philosphies that they teach based off of as well as what does the curriculum consist of.
  • What teaching style is provided, which you can find out by sitting in on a class.

By utilizing these tips when looking for a school, you will be able to find a school that will provide you with the training that you need to excel in the early childhood development jobs feild as well as offer you the best exposure possible to learn the latest theories of the feild.


Community Health Education Jobs – Job Description & Requirements

November 12, 2011

Community Health Education Jobs

Community Health Education Jobs

If you are aspiring to become a health education specialist or already are, you may be wondering where you can find community health education jobs. The most popular work places for a health specialist consist of the following, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Hospitals – Which 50 percent of health education jobs are held in healthcare settings.
  • Government – About 25 percent work in government jobs.
  • Family Services
  • Companies

Community Health Education Jobs Requirements

If one so choose to enter the health education profession, they need to fulfill certain requirements in order to be considered by employers for their community health education job position. The following are either requirements or tips for getting your career started:

  • A minimum of a bachelors degree in “health sciences” or health administration” or a study similar. For one to enjoy better chances for advancement, it can be a good idea to attain a masters degree as well which has shown to benefit those hold community health education jobs with better salary and ease of getting jobs over those who have less qualifcation.
  • A test that administered by the National Health Commission for Education Credentialing which awards those who pass with the title of a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES). The title is highly looked upon as it comes from one of the main forces in the health education industry. Although this is not a requirement for employment but is suggested for aspiring health education specialists to attain as it will differentiate one from other applicants.
  • Volunteer work and internships can provide your with better chances in getting employment as well.

Where To Find Community Health Education Jobs

If you happen to be looking for community health education jobs to gain employment, rest assured as the rest of this article is dedicated to you as we have 5 websites that are all dedicated to getting you into the best job for you. Below are the website in which you can find these community health education jobs as well as a description of what each website has to offer it’s users. - This is a really cool site for those looking for jobs as community health educators, and offers services like job quiz’s which is to see which area health education is compatible with what you are looking for out of a career, salary information, the opportunity to ask career questions through their facebook and myspace pages, financial aid information, details about volunteering and internships and more. - This site offers community health education job listings in every state in the United States, allows its users to post their resume for employers to check out, provides information about the different salaries for health educators and offers a link which will help aspiring health educators with finding programs that offer healthcare degrees. – This site is another excellent resource to utilize when searching for community health education jobs as well as other all encompassing information on the health education profession. It is owned by the American Association for Health Education.

If these websites do not provide you with the value you were looking for, you can also check out and look under their “jobs” section.


Public Health Jobs – Where To Get The Perfect Job

November 3, 2011

Public Health Jobs

Public Health Jobs

If you are looking for public health jobs, than a congratulation is in order as this means you are done with your school! There are many fantastic sites out there that are dedicated to getting you into the best public health job for you. Below are the sites as well as an brief overview of what they can do for you on your pursuit for a public health job.

Public Health Jobs Websites

As far as public health jobs go, there are various different work places that these jobs are found. Some of these different places may include;

  • Health Promotion Worksites
  • Government, State as well as Local Agencies
  • Faith Based Organizations
  • Various Health Care Setting (hospitals, managed care plans, clinics)
  • Universities and Colleges as well as Schools
  • Non Profit and For Profit Organizations
  • Health Promotion Worksites
As far as finding public health jobs in the categories above, you can start by using some of these great websites dedicated to launching health education careers - This public health jobs site, is offered by Association of Schools of Public Health, and provides free registration to their users allowing them to search jobs as well as save the jobs you are interested in, which are stored into your personal account. Other services offered include; their ASPH resource link allowing users to learn about subjects like the value of becoming a accredited and an overview of what public health is as well as careers in public health and graduate programs search, and the option of being able to have results of your public health jobs search emailed to you on either a daily, weekly or twice weekly basis.

Public Health Jobs Worldwide Connection - Public Health Jobs Worldwide is another great site to look for public health jobs on. This site offers it users benefits such as; daily as well as weekly job postings, email alerts about job posting that have come up in the users area as well as a “weekly e-newsletter”.

Public Health Education Employment Connection - This site is provided by the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University and provides various different services for those looking for health education jobs. The services provided are; job postings which are listed on their main site that are listed with the date in which they were posted, job search section which allows you to look for jobs in your specific area, resume post section where you can create as well as edit you resume for employers who use the site for employment recruitment. is an excellent resource when looking for public health jobs in your area. In order to find out what there is to offer for jobs, visit their “jobs” section on the top of the website, and either enter in “health jobs” or something similiar, or scan the recent postings. Each posting will provide an anonymous email address which you can email the job poster, but the best thing to do is call them directly if possible or go into their office, as the their email account is bound to get flooded with job hopefuls and your resume will get lost in the shuffle.