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Health And Education Services – A Detailed Overview

October 25, 2011

Health And Education Services

Health And Education Services

The Health and Education Services (HEM) is a non profit and private “behavioral health network” that currently serves communities in Massachusetts like the Merrimack Valley, North Shore as well as Lowell, which the number of communities they serve is currently over 40. They have come very far from their humble beginnings when they were established out of Salem in 1971 where they just had a lone counseling center, to now providing help to over 25,000 individuals of all ages. They offer a broad list of different services, all geared towards the betterment of the lives in their community, services that include; substance abuse, outpatient treatment, residential care, primary prevention and emergency services. By providing these services, they are able to attain their mission which is to build health people as well as families along with great health through integration that includes; human services and education programs, behavioral health along with better quality of health.

Services Offered By The HES


Out of all the community based behavior health services offered for children, the Health and Education Services is one of the largest. They are contracted with over 25 different school systems who offer counseling, consultation, training and testing as well as they provide over fifty thousand out patient visits.Under the Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative, they provide in house therapists as well as therapeutic mentors. If you are interested in learning about all the programs that are offered specifically for youth ages, you can visit this link: Health And Education Services List Of Youth Programs 


Their adult programs are all geared towards providing care for people who have not had their personal cares met. There programs include treatment and intervention as well as preventions, all set up to attain their mission of promoting  well being that enables people to live a healthy life. If you are interested in learning more, you can visit the following link: HES Services For Adults


The Health and Education Services strongly believes that many students have a tough time in public schools due to the fact of multiple factors like distraction, bullying, isolation and being made fun of, as well as other emotional and behavioral needs, which ultimately leads to being overwhelmed by the demands forced on them by public schools, which in turn leads to kids doing bad in school. Due to these facts, they have set out to remedy this, as they currently operate 3 private schools, two of them for ages 6 – 14 and one for ages 13 – 21, which are students who have behavioral and emotional troubles. For more information on all they have to offer as far as educatioinal programs go, you can visist: Health And Education Services Educational Services

HES Donation & Employment

Being that the support of the community through financial means is the main aspect that is keeping them afloat, they accept donations which can be given online through their main website or through mail at:

Northeast Health Foundation
55 Tozer Road
Beverly, MA 01915

As far as employment goes for the Health And Education Services if one is intrested in working for them, the best thing to do would be to visit their “employment” section located on their main site, which will allow you to submit your resume.