Steroids in bodybuilding

Steroids in bodybuilding Almost all athletes who are seriously involved in the gym take steroids. And this is perhaps the shortest way to achieve the desired results – to increase strength and muscle mass. You can use them in the form of tablets, injections, as well as in the form of creams or patches that are glued to certain areas of the body.

In the use of steroids by bodybuilders, by and large, there is nothing wrong or dangerous. But only if you use them in short courses and strictly under the supervision of a trainer or doctor. Of course, no one can force you to take steroids. Moreover, no one “agitates” their use. The choice is always with the athlete. And in order to make the right decision, you need to know about all the pros and cons of their use. We will talk about this in the article.

Steroids in bodybuilding

Benefits of Steroids Anabolic steroids are the most popular drugs among bodybuilders. These include such groups of drugs as: nandrolone, oxymetholone, testosterone, in particular testosterone propionate, and also metonolone. Despite their greater diversity, the effect of steroids is, by and large, the same. These medications help:

  • accelerate anabolic processes in the body;
  • increase the rate of muscle growth;
  • improve the endurance of the body;
  • reduce pain in the joints during training, which has a positive effect on the quality of the latter;
  • increase physical capabilities;
  • reduce the level of body fat;
  • block the loss of lean body mass.

This is exactly what bodybuilders resort to steroids for. It should be understood that such drugs are most effective if they are injected. But the consequences of their improper intake for the body in this case can be much more serious.

Possible risks when using steroids Taking steroids has nothing to do with the situation “went to the site, ordered the first drug that came across, and go.”

It’s not headache pills, or vitamins for immunity. Therefore, first of all, you need to study the drug well in order to avoid “side effects” (for example, an allergic reaction), or the development of other pathologies that may appear with their uncontrolled use. And, of course, you will need to consult a specialist who will help you choose the right drug, and clearly prescribe in what quantity and in what course to take it.

Features of the use of steroids

The use of steroids is aimed at quickly improving the physical condition of the athlete. For this, the drug is based on a synthetic analogue of the male sex hormone. The bodybuilder only needs to choose the appropriate form and dosage in order to start an effective course of medication and get the desired effect upon completion of its administration. Injectable steroids are traditionally used by experienced athletes who want to get the most powerful result from taking them, while it is easier for beginners to take pills that do not cause pain during administration.

The active substance acts directly on the cells of muscle tissues, causing them to produce more protein structures. This is how the increase in muscle volume occurs, without which it will be difficult to succeed in powerlifting or bodybuilding. Often steroids are also used by professional athletes, who with their help can improve endurance or body strength.

One of the features of taking steroids is the acceleration of metabolic processes. The athlete’s body will no longer accumulate fats, which are now used to saturate the cells with the energy needed during intense training. The result from the use of steroid drugs can differ significantly depending on which medication is chosen by the bodybuilder and the features of the course. If powerful chemical compounds are used, then after the withdrawal of steroids, PCT is performed, which allows you to restore your own testosterone production to the level that preceded the start of the cycle. Steroids help not only build muscle, but also reduce body fat, so they are popular among the widest audience of bodybuilders.

Steroids and Women’s Health

During recent US Congressional committee hearings, scientists and athletes said that a large number of teenage girls use steroids to improve their appearance and athletic performance.

Anabolic steroids or “anabolics” are artificially produced substances that are similar in their action to the male sex hormone testosterone produced in the body, which helps to increase muscle mass and reduce fat content.

Steroids and Women's Health

Experts believe that the constant concern of Americans not to put on weight is attracted to the use of steroids by teenage girls.

According to Rep. Henry Waxman, the most depressing information comes from a study by the Centers for Disease Control, which found that girls began to take steroids, striving to become more attractive.

The authors of the study estimate that more than seven percent of ninth graders have already tried steroids, although some scientists, including Dr. Garrison Pop, consider this an exaggeration: “I would say that the true number of young anabolic steroid users is no more than a few tenths of a percent.”

What to consider when buying steroids?

Initially, anabolics were used to prepare for competitions, so their main audience was:

  • weightlifters;
  • runners and boxers;
  • olympians.

Today, everyone can get an excellent result from the use of drugs, from bodybuilders to fitness enthusiasts. Each drug has its own mechanism of action and the effects that it has on the body. For this reason, some drugs are taken to increase muscle volume, while others are used to build an ideal relief or reduce body weight, in particular, to combat subcutaneous fat.

What to consider when buying steroids?

The fact remains unchanged that steroids in the correct dosage and together with a balanced diet give an expressive result that persists even after the reception is discontinued. The most powerful drugs are able to store water in the body, but in parallel with this, there is an accumulation of useful microelements, proteins and carbohydrates necessary for the synthesis of new protein structures. After the course, you can achieve the following results:

  • make the muscles relief and venous;
  • get rid of subcutaneous fat;
  • give muscles volume;
  • make the body more resilient and strong.

Since steroids were planned to be used for medical purposes, they have all been successfully tested and can be taken by a person. For this reason, many drugs can be purchased online without a prescription

How to take steroid drugs correctly?

The key is to follow the prescribed dosage. The athlete should contact the attending physician, as it is he who can recommend a certain amount of active substance for daily or weekly use. You should also constantly change the place for injecting the solution if injectable drugs are used, and observe the relationship between nutrition and steroid use if the athlete has opted for tablets.