Trenbolone Acetate – body shaping steroid

Trenbolone Acetate - body shaping steroid

If you are looking for a powerful anabolic drug, then a product called trenbolone acetate is perfect for you. The substance allows you to optimally increase the possibility of building muscle and strength. In other words, the product helps build lean muscle mass. Effectively, trenbolone acetate burns a layer of fat, which partly occurs by stimulating the synthesis of somatotropin. Another action is to increase the level of insulin-like growth factor in the human body.

As for the disintegration period of the drug, it is not so long. Well, side effects can happen, but they are easily extinguished. With a properly drawn up course of taking the product, a verified diet, also in the established training schedule. However, when taking the drug, one must remember that the breakdown substances of trenbolone can be detected even at the end of a six-week or seven-week period.

Properties of trenbolone acetate

The drug stands out for its powerful anabolic and androgenic properties. Initially, the product was used in veterinary medicine in the direction of increasing muscle mass in livestock and appetite. Today, the product of progress is used by bodybuilders, of course, powerlifters, as well as athletes and those involved in weightlifting.

If you are a powerlifter or bodybuilder, then you should use the drug for an explosive increase in strength and for drying. Thanks to trenbolone acetate, there is a significant increase in the degree of endurance in an athlete.

It is very important for every man that after injections the level of cortisol content decreases and the degree of libido increases significantly.

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What is the described drug?

The injection molecule consists of a modification of the steroid nandrolone, to which the developers have attached ether acetate. Trenbolone is often chosen by athletes during the period of urgent preparation for the competition, because it allows you to very quickly achieve the desired result. Just beware of doping tests.

Important in the characteristics of the drug is a high progestogenic activity, the absence of toxic effects and aromatization. The drug is also absolutely non-toxic to the liver, which means that you can be completely calm about your health. The activity of the drug after the injection lasts about three days. Slowing down the action of the substance with acetate allows you to use injections less often and maintains an almost constantly high level of the hormone in the blood.

Action of Trenbolone Acetate

Action of Trenbolone Acetate
  • significant increase in muscle mass. The solo course of the drug trenbolone allows you to gain up to 10 kilograms.
  • reduction of body fat. The effect is enhanced by stimulating the production of growth hormone.
  • increasing sexual desire and libido on the course. After discontinuation of the drug, the level of secretion of one’s own testosterone is significantly reduced.
  • two-fold increase in insulin-like growth factor.
  • two-fold increase in insulin-like growth factor.
  • increase in strength indicators.

Benefits of Trenbolone Acetate:

  • versatility. Works the same way for mass and for drying. At the same time, it goes well with any other AAS, especially with testosterones;
  • increases the level of insulin-like growth factor by 200%;
  • promotes fat burning both independently and by stimulating the secretion of growth hormone;
  • significantly reduces cortisol levels;
  • due to the high anabolic and androgenic indices, it contributes to a significant increase in strength indicators, but at the same time a moderate weight gain (since it does not aromatize and practically does not retain water);
  • the half-life is approximately 1-2 days, while the half-life of the enanthate form is 8 days, parabolan is 10 days;
  • the short form allows you to reduce the risks of progestogenic activity of the drug and stop taking it without any consequences in the event of negative factors;
  • given the short half-life, Tren-A is more preferable for drying than the enanthate form of trenbolone and parabolan (hexa), since it does not increase progesterone and prolactin as much (an increase in which in turn leads to significant fluid retention).

Dosage in bodybuilding – courses

Dosage in bodybuilding - courses

The dosage of the reviewed steroid is usually 75 to 100 mg of the substance intramuscularly daily or every other day. Of course, one should take into account the individual characteristics of the athlete, as well as his experience in taking the appropriate drugs. The optimal duration of a Trenbolone Acetate-based course is 4 to 8 weeks. If you need to take “tren” longer, it is best to choose its enanthate form.

Course for drying

To conduct a high-quality drying course with tren, you must use two short esters: Trenbolone Acetate and Testosterone Propionate. For many professional athletes, these ACs are the best way to burn fat in preparation for tournaments. Or they are used in order to bring the constitution of their body back to normal. Press cubes, familiar? Yes Yes! This is his horse.

These anabolic agents must be administered every second day in an amount of 0.1 grams. The duration of the entire cycle is one and a half months. The results obtained in the six weeks of the course will definitely satisfy you. Although the reviews of experienced athletes indicate that sometimes you can use drugs for longer. However, here it is best not to take someone else’s experience as a basis, but to build your own individual admission course.

Muscle relief course

The main difference between this cycle and the previous one is the introduction of Stanozolol into the composition. Take this anabolic for two months every day in the amount of 40-50 milligrams. The scheme for using “acetate” and “prop” can be left unchanged or testosterone enanthate can be used for the first time, then replacing it with propionate.

Muscle relief course

Based on previous comments, the scheme for using testosterone esters E will be as follows:

  • from the first to the fourth week, put “enanthate” in the amount of 0.5 grams every seventh day.
  • from the fifth to the eighth week, use every other day 0.1 grams of Testosterone Propionate.

This powerful course is used by experienced bodybuilders in preparation for competitions. Fans should still focus on lighter cycles. Trenbolone acetate can also be used in cycles aimed at mass or maintaining shape. Below we present three more combinations of steroids using tren acetate.

  • Methane + Trenbolone Acetate + Sustanon
  • Oxandrolone + Testosterone Enanthate + Trenbolone Acetate
  • Winstrol + Testosterone Propionate + Trenbolone Acetate

Side effects

Since all Trenbolone esters, including acetate, are not able to interact with aromatase, the athlete will not experience estrogen-type side effects during the administration of the drug. However, given the power of this anabolic, it is logical to assume that a negative impact may well take place. By using the steroid at the recommended doses, you can minimize it. Recall that novice bodybuilders should wait a little with courses that use Trenbolone Acetate.

All negative effects corresponding to this parameter can also occur while taking Tren A. These include acne, baldness, poor sleep. Due to the fact that the anabolic is not converted to dihydrotestosterone, drugs like Proscar will not help to eliminate them. In addition to the “side effects” we have already noted, it is necessary to add increased irritability and aggressiveness. First of all, this applies to athletes who have a predisposition to this type of behavior. The term “steroid aggression” is familiar to professional bodybuilders.

An equally serious side effect is the suppression of the performance of the pituitary arch. To help the body recover after the course, it is necessary to approach the PCT with full responsibility. Scientists have not yet understood why Trenbolones are able to suppress the production of testosterone so actively, because it is not converted into estrogens. We, in turn, can only state the fact of the presence of this side effect. Buying Trenbolone Acetate may seem like a risky business, given all of the above. However, many problems can be avoided by referring to the experience of those who have been taking anabolics for a long time. For example, to restore a normal sleep pattern, it will be enough to start taking supplements containing theanine, phenibut.

Tren A causes cough? This phenomenon is known among athletes as “trenbolone cough”. Every weightlifter encounters such a phenomenon in practice during the course of Trenbolone. The reason for this phenomenon is well studied and does not cause confusion. A small part of the ether enters the bloodstream through the capillary system. The athlete’s body will try to get rid of the foreign substance by removing it through the lungs. Therefore, anabolic agents are often abandoned by those who do not understand why they have this “ailment” during the cycle.

Large doses of the drug increase the concentration of prostaglandin F2-alpha. Therefore, the disease will get worse. Those who do not suffer from asthma need not worry. The negative impact in this aspect will not cause any particular inconvenience. Otherwise, it is necessary to abandon the use of the reviewed anabolic agent. As for the toxicity of the drug in relation to the kidneys, in this respect the substance is almost safe.

Many believe that the dark color of urine during the course of Trenbolone Acetate is associated with impaired kidney function. However, in practice this is absolutely not the case, it’s all about the metabolites of Trenbolone. In the course of research, scientists have proven that even long courses cannot affect the performance of the kidneys. Unfortunately, the matter is not limited to the side effects described above, and progestogen side effects are possible during the course. They are similar to estrogen in many ways, so you will need to cycle Cabergoline to eliminate them.